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Sewing Lovers Rejoice!

Once a week you can watch and participate in a show that aims to educate and entertain. Tune in Tuesday nights at 7:30 pm, Eastern Time, for an hour of interviews and discussion.

The best thing about holding the show live on Crowdcast is that it allows you to not only watch the show but write comments during the show. There are even opportunities to ask a question on camera.

We have lots of exciting guests planned in the future. Visit That Sewing Blab's Facebook Page for an up-to-date list of the talented sewists we will be joining us on the show. We will also list information about contests and special events we will be hosting on That Sewing Blab Facebook Page, so you do not miss any of the fun.

Meet the Co-hosts

Dawn Pengelly

Duelling Designs

I started That Sewing Blab to connect with other fabulous sewists. I had no idea how much fun it would be, and how much I would learn from our guests each week.
When not lining up our next fantastic guest for the show I am working on my Duelling Designs blog.

Myra Rentmeester

Simple Inspirations

Co-host Myra Rentmeester is a talented sewist who loves to support and encourage people in the sewing community. She is a ray of sunshine and helps the show run smoothly both infront and behind the camera. She writes the fabulous blog Simple Inspirations and administers the Facebook group Myra's Sewing Addiction.

That Sewing Blab will be featuring the, “So You Think You Can Sew” contest on our weekly LIVE shows from September through to December. Join us as talented sewists go head-to-head in sewing challenges. Watch the show live so you can vote for the winners of each round.
Join us LIVE Tuesday nights at 7:30 pm ET. 

To learn more about the details of the contest? In my 4th Vlog, I announce the "So You Think You Can Sew" contest and talk about how we are looking for contestants! Watch the video here:
That Sewing Blab is looking for contestants for the first series of So You Think You Can Sew. Are you a confident sewer who is not afraid to be on camera and who would love to participate in a friendly sewing competition? Although there will be prizes, it is mostly about fun. We would love for you to enter the, So You Think You Can Sew event.
We have posted a sample audition video made by co-host Myra Rentmeester on our That Sewing Blab Facebook page. 
What you need to know to enter:
You will need to be free Tuesday nights at 7:30 pm ET October 
through to mid-December to join us LIVE on That Sewing Blab.
You will need to film an audition video (see more details below) and post it before August 31st. These videos will be shown 
LIVE on That Sewing Blab. The final contestants will be announced 
September 5th during the LIVE That Sewing Blab broadcast.
How to enter:
Film a short video (2 minutes or less) explaining why you think you would be a good candidate for the contest. We would love to see a couple of things you have sewn in the video. It can be on Facebook LIVE or YouTube. Please make sure to share it to the So You Think You Can Sew Facebook Group by August 31st. 
Please message the That Sewing Blab Facebook Page to be allowed into the private show group. For any questions or inquiries, please message us on the That Sewing Blab Facebook Page.

Some Previous Highlights

Beaute' J'Adore

In episode 65 we interview Nikki Brooks-Revis of the sewing and style blog Beaute' J'Adore.

Sew in Love

In episode 60 we interview Rin Gomura of the sewing blog Sew in Love.

Male Pattern Boldness

In episode 43 we interview Peter Lappin of the sewing blog Male Pattern Boldness.

My Daily Threadz

In episode 47 we interviewed Shari Williams of the sewing blog My Daily Threadz.

Erika Bunker

In episode 30 we interview Erika Bunker of the sewing blog Erika Bunker DIY.

David Page Coffin

In episode 51 we interviewed one of my favorite authors David Page Coffin. 

Show Schedule

Go to the That Sewing Blab Facebook Page to see the show schedule.

Watch Us LIVE

Every Tuesday Night at

7:30 pm ET on

Special Events

That Sewing Blab will be featuring the, “So You Think You Can Sew” contest from September through to December.
Join us as talented sewists go head-to-head in sewing challenges. 
Watch the show live so you can vote for the winners of each round.
Join us LIVE Tuesday nights at 7:30 pm ET. 

Our first Pin It Sew It Event was a lot of fun. Viewers used inspirations from Pinterest and Instagram to create garments. Watch our recap show to meet a few of the contestants.

In episode 44 we invited guests to join us on camera to review their favorite sewing books.

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