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That Sewing BlabLive Video Podcast

That Sewing Blab

Sewing Lovers Rejoice!

Once a week you can watch and participate in a show that aims to educate and entertain. Tune in Tuesday nights at 7:30 pm, Eastern Time, for an hour of interviews and discussion.

The best thing about holding the show live on Crowdcast is that it allows viewers to not only watch the show but to add ask questions and make comments during the show. There are even opportunities to ask a question on camera.


Community Shows

We have lots of exciting guests planned in the future. In addition to interviews, we dedicate monthly shows to events in the sewing community. Join us to see the creative garments they make.


Competitions and Events

We hold two main competitions on That Sewing Blab. The first is the Pin It Sew It Event in which sewists use inspiration from Pinterest or Instagram to help them create garments. The second event is a multi-show sewing competition called So You Think You Can Sew. In which contestants go head-to-head creating garments with the mystery items we send them. Viewers can watch the action and vote for their favorite designs live on the show. 
For more information on these competitions click here.


Visit That Sewing Blab's Facebook Page for direct links to each week's live show. 

Meet the Co-hosts

Dawn Pengelly

Duelling Designs

I started That Sewing Blab to connect with other fabulous sewists. I had no idea how much fun it would be, or how much I would learn from our guests each week.
When not lining up our next fantastic guest for the show I am working on sewing things for my YouTube channel and Duelling Designs blog.

Maria Theoharous


You can find this talented sewist at We are thrilled she has agreed to join the team. She is a Minerva Crafts Sponsored blogger, member of and so much more. She helps a lot with the planning of the show and also features in the Sew Blabtastic This Week Segment of the show.

TSB Viewer's Choice Awards

Have you watched the That Sewing Blab's Viewer's Choice Awards. Watch the replay to help us celebrate some of the fabulous Sewists and sewing related business that viewer's chose in our earlier survey. 

For a full list of everyone who was nominated and their links click here to be taken to our EVENTS page.

Show Schedule

Want to see which talented sewist we will be interviewing next on That Sewing Blab? Click here to see our show schedule.

Watch Us LIVE

Every Tuesday Night at

7:30 pm ET on

Sponsorship Opportunities

Are you interested in being a sponsor of That Sewing Blab? Do you want to provide prizes for one of our competitions, an episode or for the season? We will feature sponsors here on our webpage as well as live on That Sewing Blab. Contact us here for more details.

TSB Shows that Feature the Sewing Community

We try to dedicate one episode a month to a community event or competition where we can spotlight some of the work of the talented people in the sewing community. We have planned shows for:

  • The Day and Night Dress challenge
  • #SMYLY2018
  • Pin It Sew It Challenge
  • So YouThink You Can Sew
  • and more

Interested in having your event of competition mentioned live on air? Contact us to discuss the possibility.


In episode 44 we invited guests to join us on camera to review their favorite sewing books.

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