That Sewing Blab Live Video Podcast
That Sewing BlabLive Video Podcast

A Selection of Previous Interviews

Peggy Mead

In episode 161 we interviewed interviewed Peggy Mead designer at the independent pattern company Sew House Seven.

Sheri Pavlović

In episode 158 Sheri Pavlović from Confessions of a Refashionista discussed ways you can refashion clothing and how to be more sustainable.

Duane MacLeod

In episode 155 Duane MacLeod from Mainely Menswear discussed his sewing story and sewing menswear & tailoring.

Susan Goodwin

In episode 150 we interviewed the Measure Twice Cut Once swimwear designer and she shared some fabulous tips with us.

Clothes Making Mavens

In episode 108 we interviewed podcasters Helena and Lori of the Clothes Making Mavens.

Aneka Truman 

In episode 106 we interviewed Aneka Truman of Made to Sew. She is an instructor, designer, pattern maker and so much more.

Angela Wolf

In episode 105 we interviewed the prolific sewing expert, designer and patternmaker Angela Wolf.

The Stitch Sisters

In episode 101 we interviewed the dynamic duo of the sewing world, Rachel and Nikki.

Vanessa Vargas Wilson

In episode 94 we interviewed vlogger and sewing entrepeneur Vanessa of the Crafty Gemini.

Johanna Lu

In episode 93 we interviewed Johanna Lu of Last Stitch. This vlogger just released her fabulous new book, Sewing Activewear.

Tree of Stitchless TV

In episode 92 we interviewed vlogger and patternmaker Tree of the YouTube channel Stitchless TV.

Heather Lou

In episode 91 we interviewed sewist, blogger and patternmaker Heather Lou of Closet Case Patterns.

Kenneth D. King

In episode 88 we interviewed couture designer, teacher and author Kenneth D. King

Kelly Cercone

In episode 80 we interviewed Kelly Cercone of Anachronism in Action. She works creating costumes for film and television as well as for Cosplay.

Nikki Brooks-Revis

In episode 65 we interviewed Nikki Brooks-Revis of the sewing and style blog Beaute' J'Adore

Rin Gomura

In episode 60 we interviewed sewist, blogger and patternmaker Rin Gomura of the blog Sew in Love.

Peter Lappin

In episode 43 we interview the amzing blogger Peter Lappin of the sewing blog Male Pattern Boldness.

Shari Williams

In episode 47 we interviewed the talented and stylish Shari Williams of the sewing blog My Daily Threadz.

Erika Bunker

In episode 30 we interview the amazing Erika Bunker of the sewing blog Erika Bunker DIY.

David Page Coffin

In episode 51 we interviewed one of my favorite authors David Page Coffin. 




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