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That Sewing BlabLive Video Podcast

Upcoming Episodes and Replays of Past Episodes and Their Links

Searching for one of our previous shows? We have listed all That Sewing Blab's episodes below. Click the links to watch the replay of the show on YouTube. Many of the later shows can be watched on Crowdcast as well. 
For upcoming shows please visit That Sewing BLab's Facebook Page for links to the live show. 
Unless stated all live shows listed below are at 7:30 EST
Patreon Only Live shows still have the replays available to everyone to watch.

Episode Show Type Found on
170 Interview with Maddie from Madalynne Intimates (PATREON ONLY LIVESTREAM)

Live Dec. 10th 

Replay available Feb. 18th

169 That Sewing Blab's Talent Celebration Night Live Dec. 3rd
Replay available Feb. 4th
168 Interview with Claire Mackaness from Beautiful Things (PATREON ONLY LIVESTREAM)

Replay available Jan. 21st

167 Discussion with Angela Wolf about Personalizing your Makes

Replay available Jan. 7th

166 Interview with Julian Roberts - Subtraction Cutting (PATREON ONLY LIVESTREAM)

Replay available Dec.10th

165 Community Show: Five Sewists/One Fabric

Replay available Dec. 3rd

164 Interview with Kyle of Vacuuming the lawn (BAG MAKING MONTH)

Replay available ​Nov. 26th

163 Interview with Véro Pinson Designer and Founder of Sacôtin (BAG MAKING MONTH)


162 Interview with Melissa Fehr from Fehr Trade YouTube
161 Interview with Peggy Mead of Sew House Seven


160 Interview with Raquel from @raquel_sewtospeak - living and sewing in Taipei YouTube
159 Discussing Alterations with Sew Much Talent's Alethia and Tisa  YouTube
158 Interview with Sheri Pavlović from Confessions of a Refashionista  YouTube 
157 Discussing Refashioning with Sew Much Talent's Alethia, Elizabeth, and Tisa  YouTube
156 Interview with Judith, and Sandra (and Sue) from Sew Over 50 YouTube 
155 Interview with Duane MacLoed of Mainely Menswear YouTube 
154 Interview with Anne Whalley the Pattern Whisperer YouTube 
153 Discussing Swimsuit Cover-ups YouTube & Crowdcast
152 Community Show: Viewers Review Six Stylish Swimsuit Patterns YouTube & Crowdcast
151 Featuring Tips to Sew Your Own Swimsuit and Pattern Recommendations YouTube & Crowdcast
150 Fantastic Swimsuit Sewing Tips with Susan Goodwin of Measure Twice Cut Once YouTube & Crowdcast
149 Refashioning Dress Shirts YouTube & Crowdcast​
148 Discussion with Two Fabulous Sewists about the ZOZOSUIT YouTube & Crowdcast​
147 Interview with Author, Blogger & Vlogger Johanna Lu of The Last Stitch YouTube & Crowdcast​
146 Experienced Sewists Share their Shirtmaking Tips & Pattern Recommendations YouTube & Crowdcast​
145 Interview with David Page Coffin YouTube & Crowdcast​
144 Interview with Textile Designer Cara from Carabara Designs - Spoonflower YouTube & Crowdcast​
143 Community Show: Pattern's The Sewing Bee Contest Recap YouTube & Crowdcast​
142 Community Show: Uncuttable Fabrics Reveal #2Cool2CutTSB YouTube & Crowdcast​
141 Community Show: #BHMPatternDesigners YouTube & Crowdcast​
140 Interview with Eman Toom YouTube & Crowdcast​
139 Community Show: Day & Night Dress Challenge with Elizabeth Farr YouTube & Crowdcast​
138 Interview with Darrell Thoman from Darrell Thomas Textiles YouTube & Crowdcast​
137 Interview with Kallie & Vicki from the Ottawa Garment Guild YouTube & Crowdcast​
136 Community Show: Uncuttable Fabrics #2Cool2CutTSB YouTube & Crowdcast
135 Interview with Jo Joey Sewy YouTube & Crowdcast
134 That Sewing Blab Ep. 134: Bra Making Tips with Sewist and Designer Emerald Erin YouTube & Crowdcast
133 Loriann Payne's English Sewing Tour Recap YouTube & Crowdcast
132 That Sewing Blab's Viewer's Choice Awards YouTube & Crowdcast
131 Interview with Julia Passafiume of Old Spool Sewing YouTube & Crowdcast
130 Holiday Party: Discussing Holiday Presents you Can Make YouTube & Crowdcast
129 So You Think You Can Sew Competition- FINALS - Garment Reveal and Voting YouTube & Crowdcast
128 Tips for Sewing Related Small Businesses with Tisa Taylor and Leila Breton YouTube & Crowdcast
127 So You Think You Can Sew Competition- FINAL - Part 1 - Intro & Challenge Brief YouTube & Crowdcast
126 Interview with Chelsea from Friday Pattern Company YouTube & Crowdcast
125 Tips for Sewing Menswear with the creators of #SEWMANPANTS YouTube & Crowdcast
124 So You Think You Can Sew Competition- Round 2 - Garment Reveal and LIVE Voting YouTube & Crowdcast
123 Community Show: Little Red Dress Competition with Renata YouTube & Crowdcast
122 So You Think You Can Sew Competition- Round 2 - Intro & Challenge Brief YouTube & Crowdcast
121 Interview with Émilie from Jalie Sewing Patterns YouTube & Crowdcast
120 So You Think You Can Sew Competition- Part One - Garment Reveal YouTube & Crowdcast
119 Community Show: The Fabric Panel Challenge YouTube & Crowdcast
118 So You Think You Can Sew Competition- Part One YouTube & Crowdcast
117 Interview with Sarah Veblen YouTube & Crowdcast
116 Interview with Hila Willing from Saturday Night Stitch YouTube & Crowdcast
115 Interview with Sharadha of Sweet Shard YouTube & Crowdcast
114 Interview with Liz Kraterfield of Liz Sews YouTube & Crowdcast
113 Sewists to Watch Series - First Stop Canada YouTube & Crowdcast
112 Interview with Gillian Whitcombe from Crafting a Rainbow & Sewcialists YouTube & Crowdcast
111 Interview with Renata from RunningNStyle YouTube & Crowdcast
110 An interview with Barbara Emodi YouTube & Crowdcast
109 Advice and Tips for Sewing Formal Wear YouTube & Crowdcast
108 Interview with Podcasters the Clothes Making Mavens YouTube & Crowdcast
107 Featuring some of the Sewists Who Participated in Me Made May YouTube & Crowdcast
106 Interview with Aneka Truman of Made to Sew YouTube & Crowdcast
105 Interview with Angela Wolf YouTube & Crowdcast
104 Pin It Sew It Garment Reveal show YouTube & Crowdcast
103 Betsy Cook - Garmenta YouTube & Crowdcast
102 Lauren Guthrie - from Guthrie & Ghani YouTube & Crowdcast
101 Stitch Sisters - Nikki & Rachel YouTube & Crowdcast
100 100th Episode Celebration!!!! Featuring Tips and Advice from Past Guests YouTube & Crowdcast
99 Pin It Sew It Competition Announcement YouTube & Crowdcast
98 Interview with That Sewing Blab's co-hosts Dawn and Myra YouTube & Crowdcast
97 Interview with Jessica Lorraine YouTube & Crowdcast
96 Community Show -Day & Night Dress Challenge YouTube & Crowdcast
95 Community Sewing Show featuring #SMYLY Sewists YouTube & Crowdcast
94 Interview with Vanessa of the Crafty Gemini YouTube & Crowdcast
93 Interview with Johanna Lu of Last Stitch YouTube & Crowdcast
92 Interview with Tree of Stitchless TV YouTube & Crowdcast
91 Interview with Heather Lou  of Closet Case Patterns YouTube & Crowdcast
90 Interview with Joi Mahon Designer Joi YouTube & Crowdcast
89 Interview with Glenda Sparling of Sure-Fit Designs YouTube & Crowdcast
88 Interview with Kenneth D. King YouTube & Crowdcast
87 So You Think You Can Sew competition - Final Round Part 3 Garment Reveal and Voting with Elizabeth Farr and Melanie Wise YouTube & Crowdcast
86 So You Think You Can Sew competition - Final Round Part 2 Progress Update with Elizabeth Farr and Melanie Wise n/a
85 So You Think You Can Sew Competition - Final Round Part 1with Elizabeth Farr and Melanie Wise YouTube & Crowdcast
84 Community Show: Holiday Party Discussing Easy to Sew Gift Ideas YouTube & Crowdcast
83 So You Think You Can Sew competition - Round 2 Part 3 Garment Reveal and Voting with Elizabeth Farr and Cheryl Belden YouTube & Crowdcast
82 So You Think You Can Sew competition - Round 2 Part 2 Progress Update with Elizabeth Farr and Cheryl Belden YouTube & Crowdcast
81 So You Think You Can Sew competition - Round 2 - Part 1 with Elizabeth Farr and Cheryl Belden YouTube & Crowdcast
80 Interview with Kelly Cercone of Anachronism in Action YouTube & Crowdcast
79 So You Think You Can Sew competition - First Round Part 3 Final Garment Reveal and Voting YouTube & Crowdcast
78 So You Think You Can Sew competition- First Round Part 2 Progress Update with Carol Crocker-Ware and Melanie Wise YouTube & Crowdcast
77 So You Think You Can Sew competition - First Round Part 1 with Carol Crocker-Ware and Melanie Wise YouTube & Crowdcast
76 So You Think You Can Sew - Example Round - Part 2 Final Garment Reveal and Voting YouTube & Crowdcast
75 Event: So You Think You Can Sew Competition - Example Round P1 YouTube & Crowdcast
74 Interview with Rhonda Buss of Rhonda's Creative Life **Technical Difficulties Sound Issues  *CC on YouTube YouTube & Crowdcast
73 Interview with Jocy Paixao Fortes of Pink Chocolate Break YouTube & Crowdcast
72 Interview with Bianca Springer of Thanks I Made Them YouTube & Crowdcast
71 Interview with Lauren Taylor of the blog Lladybird YouTube & Crowdcast
70 Interview with Erin Weisbart of Seamstress Erin Designs YouTube & Crowdcast
69 Interview with Jessica Lawson of the Hollywood Seamstress YouTube & Crowdcast
68 Interview with Melanie Wise of Its Melanie Darling YouTube & Crowdcast
67 Interview with Cennetta Burwell of The Mahogany Stylist **Technical Difficulties Sound Issues YouTube & Crowdcast
66 Community Event: Flags of the World with the Seamstresses of YouTube YouTube & Crowdcast
65 Interview with Nikki Brooks-Revis of Beaute' J'adore YouTube & Crowdcast
64 Interview with Bianca Santori of Vintage on Tap YouTube & Crowdcast
63 Interview with Andrea Davis of Sew-to-Fit YouTube & Crowdcast
62 Community Event:  Pin It Sew It Event Recap YouTube & Crowdcast
61 Interview with Tanya Hughes from the blog Mrs. Hughes **Technical Issues sound YouTube & Crowdcast
60 Interview with Rin Gomura of Sew in Love YouTube & Crowdcast
59  Interview with Brittany J Jones YouTube & Crowdcast
58 Interview with Fiona Parker from Diary of a Chainstitcher YouTube & Crowdcast
57  Interview with Siân of Kittenish Behaviour YouTube & Crowdcast
56 Interview with Helen Puddefoot from Stitch My Style YouTube & Crowdcast
55 Community Show: Easter Spring Dresses Round-up & Meet and Greet YouTube & Crowdcast
54 Interview with Judith of Judith Dee's World YouTube & Crowdcast
53 Interview with Anita Morris of Anita by Design YouTube & Crowdcast
52 Discussion: Sew Much Talent Jean Challenge with Tonya Martin YouTube Only
51 Interview with Author David Page Coffin YouTube & Crowdcast
50 Interview with Johanna Lu of The Last Stitch YouTube & Crowdcast
49 Interview with Evanny Thompson of Beauty Bugs Closet YouTube & Crowdcast
48 Interview with Melissa Mora of Melly Sews YouTube & Crowdcast
47 Interview with Shari Williams of My Daily Threadz YouTube & Crowdcast
46 Discussing Evaluating a Pattern Before You Sew with Andrea Davis  YouTube & Crowdcast
45 Discussion: Sewing Knit Fabrics with Myra Rentmeester YouTube & Crowdcast
44 Community Show: Sewing Book Reviews YouTube & Crowdcast
43 Interview with Peter Lappin of Male Pattern Boldness YouTube & Crowdcast
42 Informal Chat - Sewing Challenge Q&A Crowdcast
41 Interview with Claire Kennedy of Sewing Artistry  YouTube & Crowdcast
40 Informal Chat - 2017 Sewing Challenge Sew Much Talent Crowdcast
39 Informal Chat - Show and Tell Night Crowdcast
38 Informal Chat - Holiday Party Crowdcast
37 Informal Chat - Pericrafts Crowdcast
36 Informal Chat - Thrift Store Challenge Crowdcast
35 Interview with Lena Merrin of Iconic Patterns YouTube & Crowdcast
34 Informal Discussion -Thrift Store Sewing Challenge YouTube & Crowdcast
33 Informal Chat - Thrift Store Challenge Crowdcast
32 Interview with Deepika Prakash of Pattern Review YouTube & Crowdcast
31 Discussion and Demonstration about Denim YouTube & Crowdcast
30 Interview with Erica Bunker of Erica Bunker DIY Style YouTube & Crowdcast
29 Interview with Chanda of J Kempson Style YouTube & Crowdcast
28 Informal Chat - Pericrafters Wardrobe Building Challenge  YouTube & Crowdcast
27 Interview with Myra Rentmeester of Simple Inspirations YouTube & Crowdcast
26 Interview with Nadia from The Grey Button YouTube & Crowdcast
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